A Month ago
Just plain simple.
Kevo + donkey = badass xDDDD

A Month ago Just plain simple. Kevo + donkey = badass xDDDD

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Prestige XIFinally after the PSN outage…My last 5, can’t believe I’m finally here.Feels like the ELITE FIVE in Pokemon, haha.

Prestige XI
Finally after the PSN outage…
My last 5, can’t believe I’m finally here.
Feels like the ELITE FIVE in Pokemon, haha.

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Que hora es?

Hora pa matar gringoz en Call Of Duty: Black Ops
Con milov

Lets do this

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Hello sir

Hello sir

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6 days in Orlando, FL

So last week I went to FL for a small vacation and visit my bro and other crap.



So after my Two Hour trip ( via airplane ) xD

I got my hotel… or motel..
I still don’t know where I stayed..
its named: Celebration Suites BD

Really antique type TV in my room xD

In some point. They stopped working and I was angry T_T

Then I went to go eat. So in the car I was so bord fk ;-;

After I came back everyone was chilling.. until I called Afro. ( best fren )
Can this be? HES IN ORLANDO TOO xD
Hes from Miami, but he was taking a trip with hes mom who came by for a surprise.

and i screamed epic brofist.. yes.. xD

So we talked for a while a took a picture of him BD

So he invited me to Cici’s piiza and after that Downtown Disney
fokye, mandate ;-; <3!

In Cici’s there was this man making balloons and made Spiderman ;_;!

after Cici’s we finally got to Downtown D.

Total mandate B)

Then on Downtown we got to Pleasure Island   B)

At Pleasure Is. We saw this moving statue..

And we took picture with it. Like total bosses we are xD

Then we went through the rest of Downtown - Lego store and the squirting Stich xD

v superdragon made of Legos ;-; v


After we finished we headed home, since it was raining alot and it was really damn cold T_T

Day 3

Went to this Puertorican restaurant
The food was badass xD

" El Rancho "

heres my plate BD

Then that same night I had my dinner at Steak and Shake ;-;
and had the food for FREE
because our original waiter walked out on our order and made us wait more and he got fired :3

So then i started playing with my camera meenwhile our other waiter ordered our food.. FOR FREE

Then we went back to the hotel and I went to search for a WIFI spot all over Old Town.
I found some I tumblr’d for a few, and then I went back… at 1am XD

This is me walking back xD

Day 4

After stealing WIFI again xD I went ot this old school candy shop and bough some ossom candy I Havnt had in years T_T

After I got back from the  shop I went to the hotel and ate all mi candy on the bed xD

Badass Push Pop

And I saved my Ring Pop for when I get to City Walk and eat I there:o

Soo when I got ready to go to Universal Studios’ City Walk I wore it like a total boss while we get there xD


And Im here!

Day 6

Trip is over so time to go back B)

And this is my face after knowing my flight has been DE LAID

After 2 hours waiting in the airport… I FINALLY GOT ON THE PLANE BDD

And oh I love the moment when you finally arrive inna plane to PR..
and every starts clapping BD

And that was my trip. Did lots of stuff. But i dint get it on mi cam xD

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Prestige 4

Prestige 4

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( Taken on Friday 11th. )Numero 3.Prestige III mothafuckaaaaaaaI apolagize to those Ive killed: 7998 times.xD

( Taken on Friday 11th. )
Numero 3.
Prestige III mothafuckaaaaaaa
I apolagize to those Ive killed: 7998 times.

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( two days ago )Prestige meets TehKevo
fokyes ;-;

( two days ago )
Prestige meets TehKevo

fokyes ;-;

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